Cortis & Sonderegger


We began our collaborative work during our studies of photography at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK) in2005. We conceive and manufacture surreal worlds in compositions of “staged” photography.”Cortis & Sonderegger’s works are characterized by a clear aesthetic diction. Their image tricks are satiricallycreated, ingeniously staged and metaphorically back-filled. Objects and people take off, hover, fall, … Thetrademark in their pictures is the fact that the impossible is nimble and playful, their photographic raw materialsare simple fabrics, props and tools. The artificial structure with linkage and equipment, with reductions offoreground and background to an image scenery, with light and smoke machines etc. are often madetransparent at the edges of the image, reinforcing the message with digital retouching… the two photographersmake themselves known as the true inventors for their visual ideas.”Fritz Franz Vogel, PhD Photohistorian, Editor, Curato