Israel ARIÑO


Israel Ariño was born in 1974 in Barcelona. After studying photography at the Instituto Estudis Fotogràs de Catalunya (IEFC), he trained in engraving and sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. He is a photographer and publisher at Ediciones Anómalas (Barcelona).

From 2001, he began to exhibit his work regularly in Spain and particularly in France. Among his most important exhibitions are: The Explorers and the Whims of Chance (2012) at La Rochelle’s Carré Amelot, Atles i altres cartogra es (2013) at the Tagomago Gallery in Barcelona, ​​Crónicas de un desembarco (2010) at Mapamundistas Festival in Pamplona or Espace Imaginaire (2008) at the 6th Biennial of Photography and Arts of Liège (Belgium). He has been invited as an artist’s residency on various occasions: at the Aparté, a place of contemporary art in Iffendic in 2012, at the Carré d’Art in Chartres Bretagne for the Territories of Experiences project (2012), at the Cultural Center Colombier of Rennes for the Project Cámara Obscura (2011),

Since 2005, he teaches photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In 2006, he began publishing books of artists Room with a View (2006), Otras canciones a Guiomar (2008), Anatomía de una desaparición (2009) – which allows him to explore in visual terms the potential of the book as vector of ideas having its own narration. In 2012, his book Atlas published at Ediciones Anómalas is selected for the exhibition “Books that are photos, photos that are books” at the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, which presents the most remarkable books of the last 5 years. In 2017, his book La gravante du lieu received the Arts Libris prize from the Banc de Sabadell Foundation. He is represented by Galerie VU (Paris), Espace Jörg Brockmann (Geneva), Fifty Dots Gallery (Barcelona), Box Gallery (Brussels) and Tosei Gallery (Tokyo).